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CurQfen ® – Curcumin for liver health

liver health curing curcumin

Bioavailable curcumin for liver health

For instance, CurQfen® is considered as a new generation bioavailable form of curcumin due to its 100% natural, clean label status and ‘Free’ curcuminoids bioavailability (45.5X) over the conjugated metabolites, with absorption and distribution of more than 70% in free form in plasma.

Safest bioavailable curcumin for liver health

CurQfen® can be considered the safest bioavailable curcumin for liver health as CurQfen® has published 90 days toxicological study. Due to this free-form delivery, CurQfen® provides a substantial distribution of curcuminoids in organ tissues, including the liver and brain.

Low dosage curcumin for liver health

The enhanced cellular uptake leads to better efficacy as observed by the clinical study on healthy chronic alcoholics with elevated liver function markers at just 250 mg/day dosage, making CurQfen® the low dosage curcumin for liver health. CurQfen® provides 270-fold enhancement in total curcuminoids (free + conjugated) bioavailability!



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Journal of Biochemical Molecular Toxicology, 2019Curcumin‐galactomannosides mitigate alcohol‐induced liver damage by inhibiting oxidative stress, and hepatic inflammation, and enhance bioavailability on TLR4/MMP events compared to curcumin

Journal of Toxicology Reports, 2021Safety assessment of a highly bioavailable curcumin-galactomannoside complex (CurQfen) in healthy volunteers, with a special reference to the recent hepatotoxic reports of curcumin supplements: A 90-days prospective study

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