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Curcumin for gene
06 Jan: CurQfen – A bioavailable curcumin for chronic inflammatory gene disease

A novel bioavailable curcumin-galactomannan complex modulates the genes responsible for the development of chronic diseases in mice: A RNA sequence…

Thumpanil final-01
13 Oct: Healthy heart for a healthy life

Heart is a vital organ in the circulatory system, hence any problems/disease related to heart may be fatal. Cardiovascular diseases…

Alzheimers Day 2021
22 Sep: World Alzheimer’s Day 2021

CurQfen® – Making the world a better place with a 100% natural and clean label innovative dietary solution for cognitive…

09 Sep: CurQfen® | Winner | Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021 | Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function

We are very excited to announce that Akay’s patented curcumin formula –  CurQfen® – has won Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021…

Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021
31 Jul: Finalist of Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021

We are very excited to share that Akay’s flagship ingredient CurQfen® has been selected as a finalist of Nutraingredients Asia…

Brain Health
28 May: CurQfen – The one & only 100% natural brain-bioavailable curcumin

Absorption and organ tissue delivery of any bioactive substance is critical for its effectiveness at the target site, especially for…

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