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09 Aug: CurQfen ® – Curcumin for liver health

Bioavailable curcumin for liver health For instance, CurQfen® is considered as a new generation bioavailable form of curcumin due to…

Curcumin for gene
06 Jan: CurQfen – A bioavailable curcumin for chronic inflammatory gene disease

A novel bioavailable curcumin-galactomannan complex modulates the genes responsible for the development of chronic diseases in mice: A RNA sequence…

Thumpanil final-01
13 Oct: Healthy heart for a healthy life

Heart is a vital organ in the circulatory system, hence any problems/disease related to heart may be fatal. Cardiovascular diseases…

Alzheimers Day 2021
22 Sep: World Alzheimer’s Day 2021

CurQfen® – Making the world a better place with a 100% natural and clean label innovative dietary solution for cognitive…

09 Sep: CurQfen® | Winner | Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021 | Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function

We are very excited to announce that Akay‘s patented curcumin formula –  CurQfen® – has won Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021…

Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021
31 Jul: Finalist of Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021

We are very excited to share that Akay‘s flagship ingredient CurQfen® has been selected as a finalist of Nutraingredients Asia…

Brain Health
28 May: CurQfen – The one & only 100% natural brain-bioavailable curcumin

Absorption and organ tissue delivery of any bioactive substance is critical for its effectiveness at the target site, especially for…

curcumin for Brain Health
11 May: CurQfen®: A 100% natural and clean label curcumin for brain health

Ageing is a natural phenomenon which is normal, inevitable and purely biological.  No one knows when old age begins, because…

Turmeric powder in tube and herbal Turmeric capsule
10 May: Akay’s curcumin reaches hippocampus in study mapping free-form curcuminoids in brain

A new animal study in India demonstrates Akay Natural Ingredients’ proprietary curcumin ingredient’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)…

Brain disorders
10 May: CurQfen study backs animal brain function support

A recently published study indicates Akay Natural Ingredients’ curcumin-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, can help support brain function in healthy animals. CurQfen…

Brain Health
06 May: CurQfen complex delivers curcumin to key brain regions, improves memory

Curcumin from the branded curcumin-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, may be delivered to the hippocampus of the brain and improve locomotor activity…

Brain Health
07 Apr: CurQfen®: A 100% natural and clean label curcumin for brain health

Ageing is a natural phenomenon which is normal, inevitable and purely biological. No one knows when old age begins, because biological age is not parlance with chronological age. It depends upon the stress and strain one faces during his life. In the present scenario, emotional disturbances and memory loss accompanies from middle age onwards.

Bio Available curcumin
05 Mar: Innovative Curcumin Variants From AKAY | Global Leader In Turmeric

In this occasion of celebrating its 25th year, Akay takes pride in being a manufacturer dedicated to 100% Natural Ingredients for food…

curcumin for joint health
13 Feb: CurQfen®: The specialized curcumin for joint health

In anatomy, a joint refers to the union of bones. Cartilages, ligaments, tendons & synovial membranes are in harness with the bones to form a joint. There are mobile and immobile joints, in which mobile joints (synovial) make us to move. Wear and tear is quite common among moving joints; the probability of degenerative changes are high irrespective of the chronological age…

11 Feb: CurQfen® – Beyond Bioavailability

We all know that it is the multitude of health beneficial pharmacological effects, unique pleiotropic mechanism of action and extreme…

Curcumin capsules
18 Jan: Akay’s curcuminoid complex was shown to boost cognition and memory

Akay Group’s curcuminoid-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, was shown to improve memory and concentration compared to unformulated curcumin (UC) or a placebo….

Brain Health
15 Jan: CurQfen provides cognitive benefits over unformulated curcumin

A study done at Aman Hospital and Research Centre in Gujurat, India, pitted Akay’s formulated curcumin ingredient against unformulated standard…

Curcumin-Fenugreek complex Brain disorders
14 Jan: Curcumin-Fenugreek complex may pass the blood-brain barrier, impact brain waves

A curcumin-fenugreek complex (CurQfen) may impact brain waves and boost audio-reaction time compared to placebo and unformulated curcumin, says a…

Bio Available curcumin
15 Dec: Curcumin fenugreek formulation benefits osteoarthritis

A randomised, active controlled study using Akay’s commercially available curcuminoid-fenugreek formulation often referred to as Curcumagalactomannosides (CGM; patented and registered…

Curcumin-Fenugreek complex
11 Dec: Curcumin-fenugreek complex outperforms glucosamine-chondroitin for joint health benefits: Study

A curcumin-fenugreek complex (CurQfen) may produce greater improvements in joint pain, stiffness, and physical functions in people with osteoarthritis compared…

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