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Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021
31 Jul: Finalist of Nutraingredients Asia Awards 2021

We are very excited to share that Akay’s flagship ingredient CurQfen® has been selected as a finalist of Nutraingredients Asia…

Brain Health
28 May: CurQfen – The one & only 100% natural brain-bioavailable curcumin

Absorption and organ tissue delivery of any bioactive substance is critical for its effectiveness at the target site, especially for…

Brain Health
11 May: CurQfen®: A 100% natural and clean label curcumin for brain health

Ageing is a natural phenomenon which is normal, inevitable and purely biological.  No one knows when old age begins, because…

Turmeric powder in tube and herbal Turmeric capsule
10 May: Akay’s curcumin reaches hippocampus in study mapping free-form curcuminoids in brain

A new animal study in India demonstrates Akay Natural Ingredients’ proprietary curcumin ingredient’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)…

Brain disorders
10 May: CurQfen study backs animal brain function support

A recently published study indicates Akay Natural Ingredients’ curcumin-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, can help support brain function in healthy animals. CurQfen…

Brain Health
06 May: CurQfen complex delivers curcumin to key brain regions, improves memory

Curcumin from the branded curcumin-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, may be delivered to the hippocampus of the brain and improve locomotor activity…