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A 100% natural green formulation of curcumin and fenugreek dietary soluble fibre clinically validated for enhanced bioavailability (45.5X and 270X).

Bio Available curcumin    Low Dosage

Curcumin for brain health    More than 20 clinical studies

Bio Available curcumin    Patented

Curcumin for brain health    Enhanced bioavailability

Bio Available curcumin    Free curcuminoids absorption

Bio Available curcumin    Customizable for different applications

Curcumin for brain health

Health Benefits of

Curcumin for brain health
Bio Available curcumin

is a 100% natural & food grade micronutrient delivery technology (patented) based on soluble dietary fibre (galactomannans) from fenugreek seeds. The unique chemical structure of fenugreek galactomannans makes it an ideal platform for loading both oils and hydrophobic molecules under optimized conditions. The water-based process & absence of organic solvents & synthetic excipients distinguishes  as the first commercially viable GREEN approach in phytonutrients delivery.



Akay is one of the resourceful leaders in the nutraceutical ingredient manufacturer such as bioavailable curcumin powder, Capsifen®, FenuSMART®, procynCi® and so on. Our R&D is in dedicated & passionate research to open up a novel ‘spice route’ by unlocking the nutritional secrets of spices. The meticulous research-led approach could generate clinically validated nutraceuticals and functional food/beverages ingredients. Spiceuticals® represents the unique brand of nutraceutical ingredients from spices – a flagship of Akay‘s commitment to research & quality.


We invested substantial time & money in our R&D to develop various forms of , a new generation bioavailable curcumin suitable for meeting the varying demand of new product design, dreams and challenges. We are also happy to work with marketers and formulators to develop specific and exclusive form.

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Curcumin tablets
07 Dec: Curcuminoid-fenugreek complex trumps glucosamine and chondroitin for joint pain, Akay study finds

Akay Group’s curcuminoid-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, was found to be more effective than glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate at reducing the…

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11 May: CurQfen® – A Curcumin Supplement for Heart, Brain, Liver & Joint Health

CurQfen® —  is a USA patented new generation bioavailable curcumin supplement with free curcuminoids absorption and blood-brain-barrier permeability. CurQfen® the only curcumin supplement has been…

Bio Available curcumin
11 May: Blood-Brain-Barrier permeability and free curcuminoids delivery of CurQfen®

Recent advances in the bioactivity of curcuminoids and their conjugated metabolites have demonstrated that the real challenge in the translation…

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