Does CurQfen® induce gastrointestinal issues or diarrhoea?

CurQfen® is just a formulation using Fenugreek dietary fiber; – a prebiotic fiber that has been clinically substantiated for a number of health beneficial pharmacological effects, including blood-sugar and cholesterol management effects (Hypoglycemic & Hypolipidemic) and Gastroprotective effects. It has been found to slow down gastric emptying and improves satiety and reduces heart burn. It can hold nearly 25 mL of water/gram and hence increases the bulkiness and helps to manage constipation. It is non-digestible, ferments in the colon to produce short chain fatty acids and is a good colon cleanser. However, 1 to 2% of population have been shown to have diarrhoea-like symptoms even with unformulated curcumin.