What are the ‘uniqueness’ of CurQfen® and how it is distinguished itself in the curcumin marketplace?

The current practice of expressing curcumin bioavailability in the market place is ‘the measurement of plasma concentration of curcumin glucuronides/sufates’ by hydrolysis with β-glucuronidase enzyme and expressing it as ‘curcumin’ bioavailability as the NUMBER OF FOLDS of enhancement. So, the declared bioavailability is that of curcumin-glucuronides/sulfates only; NOT the ‘curcumin’ bioavailability. In the light of the recent studies that curcuminglucuronides have no anti-inflammatory & antiproliferative and anti-amyloidic activities, there exist a great need for a new generation of bioavailable curcumins’ capable of
delivering FREE curcuminoids.

CurQfen® is a new generation bioavailable curcumin in this respect. It is the only bioavailable curcumin in the market place whose FREE curcuminoids bioavailability has been confirmed and quantified by Triple quadruple, time-of-flight (TOF), and ion Trap tandem mass spectrometric analysis. CurQfen® is the only formulation which has been shown the relative distribution of free curcuminoids in plasma over the conjugated curcuminoids. That is, how much curcuminoids in plasma is in free form and how much as glucuronides. So, CurQfen® is talking about the latest understanding on curcumin absorption, beyond the “number of folds”.

Moreover, BBB-permeability, brain-regional distribution pharmacokinetics, organ tissue distribution (cellular uptake), and clinical studies on brain, heart, liver and joint-health at relatively low dosage of 500 mg/day. It is also 100% Natural & CLEAN LABEL with no synthetic excipients, which makes CurQfen® unique and novel.