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CurQfen® was created to address a variety of consumer needs while still following global standards by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. CurQfen® was developed with nutraceuticals and functional food/beverage applications in mind. We’re also happy to collaborate with marketers and formulators to create unique and exclusive forms.

CurQfen® for dietary supplements


CurQfen® is best suited for capsules, tablets, soft gels, effervescence tablets, and other similar applications because it is available in both granular and powder form. It can be used as a standalone ingredient as well as in formulations.

In addition to these applications CurQfen® can be very well impregnated in food & beverages matrices. It is suitable for beverage sachet applications, and also can be impregnated in chocolates, gummies, chewing gums, protein bars, granola yogurts, honey, bread spread, sauces, soups, breakfast cereals, fruit purees, milkshakes, ice creams, etc.

Curcumin chocolates

CurQfen® can be offered in:

  • Powder and granule forms
  • Customized particle size and density & dust explosions
  • Oil and water dispersibility
  • Non-leaching forms to prevent colour & dust explosions
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